For nearly 100 years, we’ve been playing matchmaker.

And good thing, because the average American eats 135 pounds of potatoes a year. That’s nearly one potato per day, on average.

How do we put you together with the right potato?

  • Variety. We only grow the best—and lots of them. That means year-round, fresh spuds of every shape, color, size, texture and flavor.
  • Safety. It also means a supply chain that is audited for safety and quality.
  • Integrity. If you care about your product, you care about your people. We believe in people first—be it our customers, employees or growers.
  • Quality. The finest soil, the most advanced technologies, the most consistent sizing and packaging, and the freshest, fastest delivery.
  • Stewardship. A potato is only as good as its soil. But that’s not the only reason we care about our land. We care, because the land is your future and ours.
  • Longevity. With four generations of experience behind us, we know potatoes.

Bushmans’. A potato for everybody.